Paint protection film for cars: which one is better

Scratches, chips, and other damage can occur on any car during its use. Paint protection film will help protect the car and maintain the body appearance.

Properties and advantages of polyurethane coating

The polyurethane-based paint protection film has both advantages and disadvantages. However, advantages do prevail:

  • High strength. The transparent paint protection film protects your car against scratches, chips, and even from being hit by a nearby car door.
  • Sufficient light transmittance. The paint protection film features good light transmittance. Due to this, you do not need to cover the entire body: the film will not stand out.
  • Practicability. The film is elastic and flexible. It stretches easily and quickly returns to its original size. The paint protection film does not change its properties when exposed to low or high temperatures.

In addition, the film will extend the body's service life and preserve its surface for a long time.

The paint protection film required no special care.

How to apply the film

There is only a wet method for applying the film. It is used when you want to cover the whole body or a large area. Suitable for application on complex structures. Before you start, you need to treat the body with a soap solution: it is much easier to apply the film afterwards. After removing the air and moister and cutting off the excess, you need to wait for it to dry.

Paint protection film composition

  • Film: thermoplastic polyurethane up to 200 microns thickness. This material protects the body from gravel and stones, UV radiation, moisture, dirt, chemicals, etc.
  • Glue.
  • Base.

It is worth noting that the film can be glossy or matte. The manufacturers offer films in various shades as well.

Storage conditions

Paint protection film should be stored in its original packaging. It is best to store the film in a horizontal position.

It is essential to observe the temperature conditions in order not to spoil the material. The room temperature should be 10 to 20 degrees, and the humidity should not exceed 50%. If properly stored, the film will retain its characteristics for several years.

The protective anti-gravel film allows you to protect the coating of a new car or improve the appearance of the old body. The polyurethane-based film does not change the car's color, it completely follows its gloss, and has a long service life.